Employee engagement is at an all-time low. Managers are stretched more than ever, and customers want better and better experiences.

The UNCoMpLicATeD Coach is here to help with a no-nonsense approach for building a better workplace and an improved customer experience.


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What readers are saying…

“I got wrapped up in the story. Brilliant way of framing the lessons. All of it had me thinking about past team members, as well as past leaders and bosses. I saw the good leaders in the narrative, and wish my not so great bosses had read this.” – Danny, Management Consultant

“Love the book! Read it a second time and it is outstanding.” – Toby, Professor

“By page 36 I was chomping at the bit to get started, my brain flowing with ideas and conversations I need to have right away. This book draws up the perfect tool and spells it out brilliantly!”  – David, Operations Director

“I used the book’s approach with a team member. Very effective! We walked away feeling good about what we had discussed and he told his supervisor the next day he was really excited about our plan!” – John, VP

“I LOVED it! True to its name, the book provides an uncomplicated framework for delivering a great impact to employees and customers.  I loved the “team of leaders” concept. I’m excited to implement Defining and Refining conversations into my day-to-day work.” – Stephen, Professional Services Director