The Big Idea


For far too many people, work sucks. Yes, that’s right, but it shouldn’t and being a customer shouldn’t either. You see it all around in workplaces where outdated command-and-control management practices and layer upon layer of bureaucracy lead to employee disengagement and frustration. And that’s not all, there’s an inevitable, unfortunate, business-destroying impact when you consider that unhappy employees can hardly create happy customers. Put simply, the world of working and buying is, for a great number of people, full of misery. Business, my friends, is, and has been for some time, unwell.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. If we move the focus of business’s purpose and mission from profit-making to the true business of business, namely, helping people, the world of working and buying can change for the better.


This evolution, though, requires a shift in mindset from “how can we get more” to “how can we help more.” Imagine leaders who, instead of focusing on numbers, focus on their people and helping them to be their best. Imagine employees who, instead of competing with each other, collaborate and help each other to best help customers be successful. These are workplaces where people would want to work and spaces where customers would want to buy. More engagement, more empowerment, more encouragement, and yes, more fun, that’s how business gets well.

It’s a simple formula, when employee life is better, customer life is better, and since we’re all employees and customers, life overall is better.

In order to further these ideas, this blog contains weekly posts, links to videos, suggestions for reading, and resources to download, study, discuss, and share. Ultimately, the hope here is to start conversations that inspire people to begin making changes to lead, serve, and work better.