Towson-2019-3-cropped-2Hi, I’m Neal, and ever since my first job back in my teenage years, it has concerned me that most people seem to dislike, or even hate, their jobs. They moan and groan about Monday mornings and can’t wait for Fridays. In addition, as a customer, I am bothered by the largely indifferent service so many companies deliver, and I can’t shake thinking about how these two issues seem inextricably connected. These concerns and a desire to make improvements are why I started this site. It has become a  personal mission to try and influence change so that all of us as employees and customers can have a better life.

Think about it, imagine workplaces where employees want to be rather than places where the feel they have to be. Workplaces where helping others, whether that means coworkers or customers, is a commitment from the CEO to the front line. Imagine business where people are put first over profit, where customer needs are the focus of sales, and where customers are central to strategy. I want you to envision employees working for each other and customers, managers leading and engaging their team members rather than trying to manage them, and customers having great experiences that enrich their lives. This is the fundamental vision behind Wellness for Business.

To put it very simply, this website is a vehicle for sharing ideas to influence a movement toward a world in which people feel fulfilled by their work and customers are inspired by their experiences. With Wellness for Business, I want to stir the working world to build better workplaces that deliver better customer experiences and help create a better life for all.

Wellness for Business is an ongoing, evolving philosophy which, at its core, seeks to build organizations that align to a mission of service on the inside first and then radiate that outward through action aligned to what customers need to be successful.

My views on business and leadership have earned me invitations to speak, teach, and coach in a multitude of settings with a variety of audiences from executives to warehouse workers and I share this passion with all who will listen as I speak and teach regularly. I am an active contributor on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as writing on this blog. Just click the follow button and join me on this journey.