Two Keys to Great Teamwork

Every business requires a team working well together in order to reach success. Even if you are a loner in a business with one employee, you still need to work with vendors and customers.  But what is essential to teams working well? My son is a lacrosse player and when he first started as a … Continue reading Two Keys to Great Teamwork

What’s Your First Priority?

“The number one priority of our company is to make money."  Thus spoke a middle manager while speaking to a group of his direct reports.  I was in attendance and bit my tongue.  This is just misguided thinking.  Making money should never be the number one priority, if it is, you should buy a printing … Continue reading What’s Your First Priority?

The Cost of the Misaligned Rebel

Which attitude do you want your customers to experience? Choice A is Service Focused where employees work with the customers’ best interest in mind, authentically and proactively looking for solutions. Choice B is Self-Focused where employees place the needs of themselves, their department or their boss ahead of the customers’ needs. If you said A, … Continue reading The Cost of the Misaligned Rebel