We need more Wendys.

I recently experienced one of the nicest flight attendants ever; I unfortunately did not get her name so we’ll call her Wendy.  She went through the normal routines that flight attendants go through, you know, smile, “welcome aboard,” check that seat belts are buckled, and all the safety messaging.  The difference was the way she … Continue reading We need more Wendys.

Go for Extraordinary

A while back, I attended a Franklin Covey class called the Five Choices to Extraordinary Productivity.  While focused on getting more focused and efficient, it yielded many additional lessons. Indeed, there are five Choices, 1) Act on the Important, 2) Go for Extraordinary, 3) Schedule the Big Rocks, 4) Rule Your Technology, and 5) Fuel … Continue reading Go for Extraordinary

For Better Results, Turn Selling Into Serving

There is a current TV ad with Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, playing with some children and they are picking teams for some sort of game (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6dJEA1TeQA).  Each team captain begins picking players, and surprisingly, Wilson is last to be picked.  On first look, you wonder how someone so obviously advantaged could be … Continue reading For Better Results, Turn Selling Into Serving