A Lesson From a Master

Just read this little gem from Lao Tzu, the great Chinese master from the 4th century BC.  It speaks loudly to all of you looking for the “secrets” of great management and leadership. “The Master is willing to help everyone… What is a good person but a bad person’s teacher? What is a bad person … Continue reading A Lesson From a Master


Picture this; your toddler takes their first steps. Imagine your reaction, your fascination, your excitement. You automatically burst into cheering. There is no criticism; each momentary misstep, wobble, or even tumble is not even noticed. Imagine how this would be if you were not there to tell them that they are amazing and talented. How … Continue reading Cheerleader

Making Service a Habit Makes Customer Centricity Possible

A big buzz in the business world these days is customer-centricity.  This means knowing your customers, focusing on them as top priority and putting them at the center of everything you do in your business.  It means making their voice and their needs part of every decision you make. Some companies take this to an … Continue reading Making Service a Habit Makes Customer Centricity Possible