One of the most difficult things a leader must do is to influence their team to sacrifice for the good of the group. The more self-oriented the team members, the more difficult to get them to sacrifice their interests for the overall good of the team. To shift people from “me” to “we,” the first … Continue reading Sacrifice

Six Questions for Leaders

What can I do to become a better leader?  Here are six questions to ask yourself. Do I give clear direction and guidance and take responsibility for the results? Do I share information through open conversations with my team? Do I exercise my influence by encouraging and developing others? Do I lead an honest life … Continue reading Six Questions for Leaders

Noticing…is it the secret to compassion?

Compassion, it’s something we all need if we want the world to evolve rather than devolve.  Without compassion, we turn into a society of selfish individual units out for only what benefits us.  Unfortunately, what I just described is too familiar these days, but why is compassion so necessary, after all, when it all comes … Continue reading Noticing…is it the secret to compassion?