Would People Miss You If You Were Gone?

 Would people miss you if you were gone?  This is the big value question. Businesses talk about value all of the time yet they typically equate it with price.  However, value is not about price, it's about getting what you pay for, it's about being valuable for something, and valuable enough that people will pay … Continue reading Would People Miss You If You Were Gone?

“Me, Me, Me” or “We, We ,We”

I was talking to a college professor friend of mine the other day.   He had just come back from an international trip where he had facilitated a student experience. During our conversation, he relayed his dismay at how little his students seemed to be grateful for. The trip he took was to an impoverished area … Continue reading “Me, Me, Me” or “We, We ,We”


What are your priorities?  Do I need to ask?  If I look at the actions of you or your organization, shouldn’t I be able to determine your priorities in life or business? In my experience in the business world, it seems most companies talk about their priorities something like this: Customer satisfaction Employee satisfaction Product … Continue reading Priorities