The art of being a resource.

re·source Source or supply from which benefit is produced. Something that can be used for support or help. An available supply that can be drawn on when needed. Means that can be used to cope with a difficult situation. What does resourcing have to do with my business and why do I need it? When … Continue reading The art of being a resource.

Congruence and profitability. Strange bedfellows?

Congruence means alignment or harmony. It means things line up and work together like gears whose teeth perfectly mesh. And although this critical alignment is necessary for many things to work properly, nowhere is it more necessary than for a person to act in congruence to their values.  In other words, to be trusted and … Continue reading Congruence and profitability. Strange bedfellows?

Don’t lose the people in the hustle.

“It’s a failure of American corporations and a failure of capitalism that we don’t see human well-being and dignity as just as important as making money.” – Bob Sutton, professor and organizational psychologist, Stanford University. As we enter the major shopping season for the upcoming holidays, it is easy to get caught up in buying … Continue reading Don’t lose the people in the hustle.

Using mistakes to your advantage.

One way companies are alike is that they all make mistakes. No business is free from errors. However, there’s also an upside to this reality, how you recover can be your biggest differentiator. Customers want consistency. They want products that perform consistently and they want companies that perform consistently to fix things when they go … Continue reading Using mistakes to your advantage.

How too much emphasis on profit can damage your business.

When your culture attaches too much importance to profit you wind up with team members who attach too little importance to customers. When leaders talk about their business’s sole purpose being to make a profit, customers tend to be talked about as things or objects to manipulate. They’re no longer human beings, they’re just anonymous … Continue reading How too much emphasis on profit can damage your business.